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Running a business comes with a new challenge every day. Completing business transactions is likely an important part of your business, but you may need help finding the right tools for the job. Nearly every business transaction requires some kind of agreement or contract. It is a good idea to put your transactions in writing no matter what kind of deal you’re negotiating. Doing so might seem like it creates unnecessary paperwork. Instead, documenting business transactions serves to protect your business should a dispute or question arise about the transaction later.  

Because business transactions come in so many types, you will probably need a customized contract or agreement for many situations. At the Business Law Group, we tailor our business transactions advice to your particular needs. Whether you need advice on structuring a transaction, preparing agreements, or interpreting agreements after the fact, we are here to help.  

Informed and Well-Documented Business Transactions 

Before you enter a business transaction, it is extremely important for you to understand its effect on your business and personal life in the future. For example, many transactions can have significant tax consequences. Depending on the transaction, you may have some exposure to personal liability, too. You will want practical advice on the ramifications of your transactions. You also need strongly drafted agreements to document them.  

Business transactions can vary depending on what you would like to accomplish. At the Business Law Group, we handle everything from mergers and acquisitions to intellectual property issues to employee benefits.  

Business Operations Agreements 

In the day-to-day operations of your business, you may need many different types of agreements to memorialize your transactions. Here are some examples of agreements we can prepare: 

  • Sales and purchase agreements for goods and services 
  • Sales and manufacturing representative agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Franchise and dealer agreements
  • Personal property lease and sales agreements 
  • Consulting and independent contractor agreements
  • Indemnity and release agreements

We can handle contracts for a wide variety of industries as well, including tech and manufacturing. Our experienced team can work with you to determine your needs, prepare an appropriate contract, and explain its terms to you. 

Business Sales and Purchases  

Aside from contracts for day-to-day operations, common business transactions include the sale of a business, purchase of a business, mergers, stock sales, asset sales, and reorganizations. If you plan to conduct any of these transactions, now is the time to get started on a strong agreement documenting your actions. You will want to account for liability and tax concerns in the transaction. You also may have practical issues when selling or purchasing, such as negotiating employee severance or handling an existing building lease. Our team can advise on your questions about mergers and acquisitions.  

Business Funding Transactions 

Businesses also need legal advice when developing funding sources. Locating and securing investments in your business can take a lot of time and effort. Once you find investors, you will want to lock down their commitments with strong contracts. We can prepare the necessary agreements, including investment agreements, limited partner and other business entity agreements, subscription agreements, venture capital agreements, private placements, loan and security agreements, and guaranties. We also review contracts such as mortgage and funding agreements from third parties to advise about your obligations. 

Real Estate Transactions 

Many businesses look for legal assistance when engaging in real estate transactions. Whether you are buying and selling real estate, doing an exchange, looking for a building lease, have questions about loans and financing, or want to know more about equity sharing, we can help. Real estate is one of those areas with a lot of laws and regulations. You will want to ensure that you follow the law and get a good deal simultaneously. 

Intellectual Property Transactions 

At the Business Law Group, we assist business owners with questions about intellectual property transactions. Intellectual property refers to legal protection for items like trademarks, designs, written documents, and trade secrets. When dealing with an intellectual property transaction, you may need contracts such as a licensing agreement, royalty agreement, trade secret agreement, or confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. We also help with trademark and service mark registrations, as well as online agreements such as terms of use. Finally, we can advise on compliance with intellectual property-related laws, such as those relating to privacy, advertising, spam, and appropriate internet use.   

Employment and Benefits Agreements 

Business transactions often involve employees, management, and benefits. We strongly suggest that you consult an attorney when you have questions about this area because of the many laws governing employment and benefits. Depending on your situation, you may need us to prepare employment agreements, management agreements, or employee manuals. We also advise on employee disputes and terminations, hiring practices, and employee relations that may affect your business. Another important part of running a business is providing benefits to help retain employees. You may need help preparing a deferred compensation plan, profit-sharing plan, employee stock ownership plan, stock option plan, pension structure, or bonus plan. As a business owner, you have various choices when it comes to benefits, and we are here to assist you in narrowing down the ones that are right for your business. 

The Business Law Group Can Advise on Your Business Transactions 

Business owners engaging in many types of transactions should seek legal advice to protect themselves and properly document everything. Our team has decades of experience with business transaction issues that could affect you. We advise California business owners about transactions, agreements, and everything else you need to run your business effectively. The Business Law Group’s highly experienced team would like to help you achieve your business goals. Please contact us at your convenience to schedule an appointment. You can reach the Business Law Group by calling (408) 979-7800 or by filling out our Contact form.  

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